My voracious reading habits started when I was a little girl, and my obsession with documenting my voracious reading habits began when I was about 19.  For awhile I kept a list of what books I read in whatever journal I was writing in at the time, and then for four or five years I kept a notebook dedicated solely to what I’d read.  As I slowly moved away from physical notebook writing, I turned to the beloved spreadsheet to track the books I’d read.  The last two years I’ve kept a visual record of what I’ve read by taking a picture of the stack of books I’ve completed over the past month.

I already documented what I read in January 2012; here’s what I’ve read the rest of the year.










(I haven’t provided any links, because I’m lazy, so if you have questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and I’ll feel free to read your comment and then forget to respond for several days.  It’s just how my brain works, and it’s clearly something I need to work on.)

Anyway, it should be obvious that I love to read.  I don’t have nearly the time to read as I used to, but I still make reading a priority because 1) it’s one of my very favorite things to do, and 2) I am a writer, and writers should read – a LOT.

So, how do I make time to read?  Well, we don’t have a TV and even when we did, we didn’t have cable or any actual channels.  I have never been a big TV watcher – that said, I do enjoy movies quite a bit, and I think watching certain TV shows on DVD or Netflix is pretty awesome.  Right now I’m watching Parenthood, which is a pretty cool show.  That said, I limit my watching to one episode a night (sometimes more, if I can’t sleep) because TV doesn’t really help expand my consciousness and help me write.  It’s a pretty passive activity and I can’t do it for very long without feeling like a slug.  And I can go months without watching much of anything, save for the occasional YouTube video.

And while I do work, I don’t work full-time.  I am with the boys during the day, which means that I get to crack open my book during nap time (before I take a nap myself) and again before bed.  These are pretty much the only times I get to read.

It also helps that I’m a fast reader, and the books I lean toward these days are not extremely difficult to read.  I have a few academic-type books waiting to be read but I almost always choose to get lost in a very readable but well-written novel (or book of poetry, or memoir, or whatever).

So there it is.  The books I’ve read in 2012 (minus this month and December, for obvious reasons).  I always get a little scared before having a baby that I’ll never be able to read again, but so far I have never gone even a month without reading at least one book.  It’s just that important to me.


6 thoughts on “19

  1. I love your system! It’s so cool to see what you’ve read presented in this way.

    This makes me nostalgic for the days when I used to read voraciously. Grad school has killed off almost all of my pleasure reading. At least of books. (I do still enjoy reading blogs and other writings online.) The trouble is that because I always *should* be doing work on my research, I feel guilty about doing just about anything else. And when I do read, and read academic stuff, it often puts me to sleep. Sigh.

    Enough about me! Good for you for making time to do something that is so important to you. That’s so great.

  2. So after seeing your stack of books from each month I had to go count to see how many I have read this year…87 and counting…wow…we don’t have cable here either, just netflix. I perfer a book any day to a tv show especially with all the mindless crap on tv now days. Kids love being outside and most days they play till dark, like we did when we were kids. Its great to know I am not the only Mom of close together kiddos that still finds time to dive into a book and get lost in my own little world while my kids turn into little dirt monsters in the back yard.

    • Wow, 87?! Amazing. I haven’t actually counted mine but I doubt it’s 87. Good for you! I can’t wait to have a backyard again….

    • “Fault in Our Stars” broke my heart! It was really good. I passed it on so it could break someone else’s heart. I do recommend the Cheryl Strayed books. I love the book of Dear Sugar columns she wrote best, followed by Wild, followed by Torch. Dear Sugar 4ever!

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