the dark night of the soul

This is me holding up a list of 12 goals I wanted to accomplish this year.  12 in ’12.  Very cute.

This is my public announcement that I will now stop trying to be such an annoying overachiever.

This is my recognition of the fact that in order to live, you must first survive.

This is me at 32 years old.  I’ve gone and lost the person I used to be.

There’s not much to do but rebuild.


3 thoughts on “the dark night of the soul

  1. Sometimes survival is the only thing you should focus on. There are a lot of details to life and at the end of the day, most of them don’t matter. It was a good list, but it can all wait and some of it might not need to happen at all.

  2. You better get on it, cuz you have, on average, more than 1 goal per month to achieve. 😛 I kid. Good luck and remember that verbal hugs are only a phone call away

  3. Just reading this tonight. 12 in ’12 is good. Start where you are at. If it is possible to break any of the 12 down into smaller steps, that might help too. Sometimes a task can seem overwhelming, however if we chip on it when we have 5 minutes here and there it will eventually get done.
    Your statement “I’ve gone and lost the person I used to be”. Interesting. While I don’t know who you used to be, is it that you lost that person, or have just melded, molded into a new you?

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