long november

This is my first Indie Ink writing challenge.


how strong and sad it is

to be a woman alone at night,

asleep in her clothes,

dreaming of light falling

through church windows


she wakes into a world

that faded to darkness

in one very long second

and it’s time to make something

of this night, of this

sparkling aloneness


you see, there is

the burning

that comes with


and the burning

that arises from


and burning

the midnight oil

against the demons

is often necessary


because there is the quiet

and the dark of sound



when the winds

are as strong and sad

as they are

in the long, dark valley

of this strangeness called


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Kat challenged me with “use this cliche anywhere in your writing: burn the midnight oil” and I challenged bewildered bug with “We have changed a thousand times”.

One thought on “long november

  1. Beautiful, Leslie. I love you and your words and ideas. This is so spare and beautiful. I’m so happy you’re doing Indie Ink! I’m looking forward to all your pieces.

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