Our big goal for 2011 was to not make any big changes.  After meeting and dating and living together, graduating from undergrad and going to grad school, getting engaged and married, moving three times, having two children, and everything that goes with all that, all in the space of 6 years, 2011 was to be our year of R&R.

Yeah, right.  (2011 has not been restful.  As a matter of fact, I’ve barely slept.)

We’re moving.  Six hours north to California’s central coast.  A dream location with lots of opportunities for all of us.  We are all kinds of happy.

We are all kinds of stressed.  Have I mentioned that we are broke, so penniless that we can’t even afford the cost of moving?  And that we have too much stuff?  But stuff lends itself well to being sold, and you know what that means.  Cold hard cash.  For a UHaul and a deposit on a new place and some groceries.  And sometime we’ll get around to paying our bills.  And when money allows, we’ll buy a season pass to this fun place and we’ll watch the boys fall in love over and over with jellyfish and sharks.

Have I mentioned that this is our dream?  That we went to what will be our new home during Thanksgiving break in 2006 and we both talked about how we’d been there before we knew each other and how even then it felt like home?  It’s always been what we envisioned our place to be and it was always something we talked about wistfully as we sat under the scorching southern California sun.  I am completely in awe of little surprises and how they turn out to be life’s biggest adventures.

I can’t wait.  But wait I must.  We’ve got a houseful of things to sell and pack, living arrangements to be made, baby and toddler butts to wipe, and goodbyes to be said.  Home will be there when we’re ready.

(Hey home, you hear that?  We’re coming!)


4 thoughts on “stressbomb/dreambomb

  1. Wow that is awesome news! I remember reading in your old blog about how you guys wanted to move to the CA coast. So glad it’s happening for you guys.

  2. It is always interested to see how life has plans of it’s own, leaving hints here and there, but never really tells us anything 🙂 So happy to hear the excitement!

  3. Wow! How exciting! Oh my god, and how stressful! It’s okay to be broke. It’s especially okay to be a scrappy little family who is making it in your own way. I admire you and I am so thrilled for you and your big move!

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